Aptitude Test-4

reasoning aptitude questions

1. Two taps A & B can fill a cistern in 12 and 16 minutes respectively. Both fill taps are opened together, but 4 minutes before cistern is full, one tap A is closed. How much time will the cistern take to fill?

2. P and Q entered into a partnership with Rs.75000 and Rs.1,25,000 respectively. Q was the sleeping partner. At the end of the year they shared the profit of Rs.2,40,000 in the ratio of 5 : 3. Find the salary drawn by P.

3. If 6 horses eat 108 kg of grass in 4 days, how much grass will be eaten by 20 horses in 3 days?

4. A person spends Rs. 501 in buying tables and chairs. If the cost of each chair is Rs. 15 and table costs 40% more than the chair and total number of articles he bought was 27, how many of each kind did he buy?

5. At what rate will the interest on Rs. 1125/- be Rs. 225 for 4 years?

6. A sum of Rs5500 is lent out in 3 parts in such a way that the interest on first part at 5% for 2 years and the interest on the second part at 6% for 5 years and that of 4% for 5 years on the third part are equal. The ratio in which the sum is divided into three parts is ….

7. A and B entered into a partnership with Rs.5 lakhs and Rs.6 lakhs respectively. After 6 months A invested Rs.1 lakh and after one more year B withdrew 2 lakhs. Find the share of A in the profit of Rs.26 lakhs at the end of the third year.

8. Milk is available in two vessels. The ratio of milk to water in each of the vessels is 9 : 7 and 11 : 8 respectively. Which vessel contains more water?

9. By selling 32 books for Rs. 100/- a man loses 40%. How many books shall he sell for Rs. 100/- to gain 20%?

10. Four bells will ring at intervals of 18, 24, 32 and 40 seconds. If they begin by ringing together what time will elapse before they ring together again?