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SAFTA Pact is associated with which of the following intergovernmental group of countries? ASEAN  

Prior to census 2011, in which of the following censuses was the highest sex ratio recorded in India ?  

Which of the following is NOT a part of India s Money Market?  

All countries from the Cotton-4 group belong to  

The power of the commercial banks to expand deposits through expanding their loans and advances is known as which of the following ?  

Increasing the fare for the 1st time in 8 years, the Railway Budget for 2012-13, envisaged how many new trains?  

What is Call Money?  

If the Reserve Bank of India wants to block/hinder capital outflows and contain currency depreciation, which of the following would be the most possible action ?  

Banks act as ................. between people having surplus money and those ? Money Lender  

The implementation of which of the following programs is/was based on the concept of Self Help Groups (SHGs) ?