Banking Quiz 8

1. Angela Markel was recently in India to receive Jawaharlal Nehru award for international understanding for the year 2009. What has been her contribution in the international politics which made her the ‘”best choice” for the award?

2. which of the following statements containing results of India’s recent census in NOT correct?

3. Which of the following is not a millennium goal set by the UNO?

4. Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are ______

5. The lokayukta of which of the following states had submitted a report on illegal mining of iron ore in the state?

6. which of the following is known as across selling by banks? a. sale of debit card to credit card holder b. sale of insurance policy to a depositor c. issuance of cash against cheque presented by a third party

7. Financial conclusion means provisions of _____________

8. All most all the major economics of the world had reacted sharply on the issue of USA’s ceiling limit on its debt. Why was the issue so important for other nations, which otherwise as an internal matter for USA?

9. The useful deposit accounts of banks are _________

10. Which of the following is correct statement?