Biology Quiz 8

1. Which organism has a primitive brain, a ventral nerve cord and antennae?

2. In trees, shrubs and other woody plants, the exchange of CO2 and O2 with the environment may occur through structures known as

3. In grasshoppers and humans, locomotion is accomplished by means of

4. Which letter in the diagram below indicates the structure that is most closely associated with excretion?

5. Which three processes are indicated by the arrows in the diagram below?

6. Small hairs on the legs of certain insects have the ability to detect chemicals. These hairs function as

7. During aerobic respiration, the chemical energy of glucose is gradually released, producing 36 ATP and

8. Which process is correctly paired with the waste it produces?

9. A biologist analyzed the liquid in the nephridia of earthworms and the liquid in the nephrons of humans. The liquid found in both organisms was most likely composed of water containing

10. Vascular tissue that transports water in leaves connects directly to