CrystalsCrystals are wonderful and essential elements of many aspects of our like Feng Shui, Reiki and home decor. The crystals are supposed to produce energy and that in conjunction with our own energy creates balance of energy in the environment where we stay. It could be a place like home or office or vehicle. Crystals remove hurdles from our life and allow us to proper in life. The crystals like gems, minerals lead crystals and stones are known to have miraculous effects. They get rid of obstacles that are never used in any positive way by us or environment.

To disperse negative energy, crystals are placed or hanged in the room. By placing, crystals also create positive energy. If crystal is placed in the living room or in the north-east window of the house, which is considered as beneficial for the entire family in terms of knowledge and education. If you place in the west of children’s room then that helps in overall development and education of the child. All in all, if crystals are used in consultation with specialist then that proves to be hugely beneficial for the household.

Use of crystals is an ancient phenomenon that was brought into existence by the Tibetans and Chinese. They have been using it since 5000 years. Crystals bring energy of the nature in the lives of humans if used as per the instructions. Crystals are also used in the healing process and bring harmony. One can use crystals as pendulum. Crystals are normally put in windows or areas that have presence of light.