General Knowledge Quiz 16

general knowledge quiz answers

1. Which is the only state in India to have Common Civil Code in force ?

2. In 1905, which Viceroy of India effected the Partition of Bengal ?

3. According to Hindu mythology, who is the Guru of Devas (Gods) ?

4. Guru Shikhar, in Mount Abu, is the highest peak of which mountain range ?

5. Whose birthday on 29 August is celebrated as `National Sports Day' in India ?

6. `Panchatantra', a collection of moral stories in Sanskrit, was authored by ?

7. Which one of the following is not a fungus ?

8. `Silicon Valley of India' is the nickname of which south Indian city ?

9. What is Mahatma Gandhi's samadhi in Delhi Called ?

10. The name of which painting style, based on the name of a district in Bihar, literally means `Forest of Honey' ?