General Knowledge Quiz 19

general knowledge quizes

1. 'My Music, My Life' and 'Raga Mala' books are the autobiographies of which music maestro ?

2. In which Indian state is the Keibul Lamjao, world's only floating National Park, situated ?

3. In 1905, who founded the Servants of India Society in Pune ?

4. Which city houses the headquarters of International Cricket Council (ICC) ?

5. What was the original name of Mughal empress Noor Jahan ?

6. In 1995, who became first recipient of the International Gandhi Peace Prize ?

7. Who is the only Indian cricketer to have taken all 10 wickets in a Test innings ?

8. Graphite and Diamond are allotropes of which element ?

9. Which among the following is not a Prime number ?

10. In human body, Bile is produced by which organ ?