General Knowledge Quiz 26

1. Who created Mahatma Gandhi's favorite bhajan 'Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye' ?

2. Which Indian city hosted the first Afro-Asian Games in 2003 ?

3. In 1991, who became the first woman Chief Justice of a High Court in India ?

4. In 1916, who founded Home Rule League in Poona (Pune) ?

5. Which gas, abundantly produced in swamps and marshes by the action of bacteria on dead vegetation, is commonly referred as 'Marsh Gas' ?

6. Who invented Hovercraft ?

7. In which movement did social activist Sunderlal Bahuguna play a prominent role ?

8. By which process liquid Vegetable Oil is converted to solid Vanaspati Ghee ?

9. With reference to Radio broadcasting, what is the full form of `FM' ?

10. Which Maurya ruler sent his son Mahindra and daughter Sanghamitra to Tamraparni (present name Sri Lanka) for propogation of Buddhism ?