General Knowledge Quiz 30

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1. Who wrote the famous essay 'Unto This Last', which was later translated into Gujarati by Mahatma Gandhi under the title of 'Sarvodaya' (well being of all) ?

2. International Date Line, an imaginary line where date changes as one travels east or west across it, passes through which longitude (except some adjustments) ?

3. What is the interest rate at which banks borrow money from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) called ?

4. Kailash Temple at Ellora in Maharahstra, the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture, was built by the rulers of which dynasty ?

5. With which sport is the Duckworth-Lewis Method associated ?

6. What was the code name of rescue operation carried out by Indian armed forces in Maldives, on request from its president, to foil the attempted coup by insurgents in 1988 ?

7. Which revolutionary shot dead Michael O'Dwyer, Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab at the time of Jalliawalan Bagh massacre and believed to be mastermind behind it, in London on 13 March 1940 ?

8. 'Sick man of Europe' is the nickname of which European country ?

9. What is the normal heart rate of adults at rest ?

10. Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh is famous for which industry ?