General Knowledge Quiz 46


The Mountbatten Plan became the basis for - ?  

To whom does the Vice President of India address his resignation ?

The Mountbatten Plan became the basis for - ?  

What discovery was made by biologist duo James D. Watson (US) and Francis Crick (UK) in 1953 ?  

By whom the 'Quit India' resolution was moved in the bombay session of the congress in the year 1942?  

Which among the following is manufactured at Avadi (abbreviation for 'Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India') town in Tamilnadu ?  

In which of the following sessions of Indian National congress, Mahatma Gandhi said "Gandhi may die but Gandhism will remain forever"?  

Which US city is popularly known as the 'City of the Golden Gate' ?  

Who of the following had pleaded from the side of Indian National Army Officers in their Red Fort trial?

Provisions for appointment of National Commission for SC's AND ST's has been made in the Constitution under Article- ?