India Gk Quiz 1

gk quiz

Which museum was designed by George Witter was formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum?  

Which Australian state was formerly known as "Van Diemen's Land" ?  

The final act of betrayal was when Tipu went himself to fight the British soldiers that were able to enter the fort courtyard. One of the traitors then ordered the inner doors to be shut. Who was this traitor?  

Which India born physicist invented the 'Optical Fibre' ?  

The Gandhi Mandapam where Gandhiji's ashes were placed before immersion is in ?


On 28 May 2008, the Indian Air Force attained the Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) capability by procuring the Phalcon radar (mounted on Russian plane IL-76) from which country ?

Who was the founder of Sikhism?

Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is built across which river ?  

In 1798 Tipu signed a secret agreement with the French leader...?

'Anandmath', 'Durgeshnondini' and 'Kapalkundala' novels were authored by which Bengali writer ?  

Who built the Grand Trunk Road?


What line connects the points on a map that receive equal amounts of rainfall ?

In which century did Portuguese merchants first land in Goa?

Where was the first Indian Institute of Management (IIM) established in 1961 ?  

In 1780 Tipu's father attacked Carnatic and routed a British army. He was defeated and died in _______ ?