PERCENTAGES 2 Percentages test 2

1. In an election where there are two candidates only contested. One candidate who gets 65% of the votes is elected by majority of 660 votes. Find the total number of votes.

2. The population of a town is 60,000. if males are increased by 20% and females are increased by 40%. At the end of the year the population will be 78,000. Find the number of females in the town at the beginning?

3. The price of a T.V. is increased by 20% and sales are decreased by 30%. Find the percentage change in the revenue?

4. In a town 20% of the population speak English, 40% of the remaining speak Telugu, 25% of the remaining speak Tamil. 43,200 speak all other languages. Find the population of the town?

5.A man spends 20% of his capital on raw material, 25% on building, 10% on the machinery and he was left with 4.5 lakh rupees. Find his actual capital?

6. In an examination, 80% of the students passed in Hindi and 90% passed in Telugu, while 5% of the students failed in both the subjects. If 180 students passed in both the subjects, find the total number of students who appeared in the examination.

7. In an examination 70% of the candidates passed in English, 60% passed in Telugu and 10% failed in both. Find the pass percentage?

8. A man spends 10% of his capital on raw material, 20% of the remaining on advertisement, 30% of the remaining on building, 40% of the balance on machinery and thus he was left with Rs.9072. Find his capital.

9. The side of a square is decreased by 10%. What is the percent of change in area?

10. A boy has certain number of chocolates of which he gave 13% to his brother. And 75% of the remaining to his friend, and then he has 261 left. How many did he has at first?