PERCENTAGES 3 Percentages test 3

1. If 40% of P is 40 more than 40% of 40 then 40% of P is?

2. The sales of an item increases by 20% every week. If the difference between the sales of the fourth week and the second is 157, what are the sales in the third week?

3. A man gave of his property to his wife, 35% his three sons equally, 25% to his two daughters equally, to himself and donated the balance of Rs.1,50,000 to an old age home. Find the difference between the shares of each son and each daughter.

4. 60% of the employees in a factory are unskilled and the rest are skilled. If 35% of the skilled employees are women and the numbers of skilled male employees are 156, then the total number of employees in that factory is?

5. In a bookstore 25% of books are in English, 60% of the remaining are in Hindi, % of the remaining are in Telugu and remaining 64,000 are in other languages. What is the total number of books in that bookstore?

6. If the length, breadth and height of a room are increased by 50%, 33% and 25% respectively. Then what is the percentage increase in the volume of the room?

7. In a field 30% are coconut trees, 40% of the rest are bananas trees, 42% of the rest are guava trees and still rest are mango trees. If the number of banana trees is 420, find the total number of trees in that field.

8. In an examination, 22% students failed. If the number of passed candidates was 420 more than number of failed candidates, then the total number of candidates appeared the examination is?

9. Three numbers are in the ratio of 3:4:8 respectively. If the first is increased by 25%, the second is decreased by 20% and the third is unaltered, respectively their ratio will be?

10. In a group of 80 boys, 60% play chess, 75% play cricket and 55% play both. How many of them do not play any of these two games?