PERCENTAGES 5 Percentages test 5

1. The price of sugar falls by 10%. How many quintals can be bought for the same money which was sufficient to buy 18 quintals at higher price?

2. The salary of a worker is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%. Find the % change in the salary

3. x% of y + y% of x is equal to?

4. If 40% of a number added to 1800, it gives the number itself. Find the number?

5. What percentage of Rs.400 is Rs.100?

6. In an examination 45% of the total numbers of candidates were under 15 years age. Of these 65% were boys and there were 441 girls. Find the total number of candidates.

7. The sales of a company reduced to 20%. After how much percentage increase of the sales of the company be in original?

8. Anu’s salary is 20% less than Bhanu’s salary. By how much percent is the salary of Bhanu more than that of Anu?

9. A number exceeds its 33% by 180. Find the number?

10. 30% of 140 =? % of 840