Profit and Loss Test 1 Profit and Loss Test 1

1. A sells an article to B at a gain of 20%. B sells is to C at a gain of 25% and C in turn sells is to D at a loss of 331/3%. If D paid Rs.1000 for it, then what is the cost price of A.?

2. The manufacturing cost of a watch is Rs.180 and the transportation lost is Rs.500 for 100 watches. What will be the selling price if it is sold at 20% gains

3. 30% loss on cost price in what percent loss on selling price?

4. Swapna bought 15 apples for Rs.10 and sold them at the rate of 12 apples for Rs.12. What is the percentage of profit made by her?

5. A dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price and uses an 880gm weight instead of a kg. What is his percentage of gain?

6. A person, by selling an article at three-fourths of the list price incurs a loss of 20%. Find the profit percentage if he sells at the list price?

7. Arun purchased a house for Rs.75000 and a site for Rs.15000 respectively, if he sold the house for Rs.83000 and the site for Rs.10000, then find the resultant percentage of gain?

8. By selling some cloth at the cost price a merchant still gained 191/21%. How much less cloth does he measure for a meter?

9. P sold an article for Rs.1080 thereby losing 10% Q sold another article for Rs.1800 at a loss of 10%. Who incurred a greater loss?

10. The profit obtained by selling an article for Rs.56 is the same as the loss obtained by selling it for Rs.42. What is the cost price of the article?