Profit and Loss Test 4Profit and Loss Test 4

1. A man sells two articles, each for the same price of Rs.640. He earns 20% profit on the first and 40% profit on the second. Find his overall profit %.

2. A manufacturer sells an article to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 20% and the wholesale dealer sells it to a retail merchant at a loss of 5%. Find the resultant profit or loss%

3. Andrew sells a scooter to his friend at 10% loss. If the friend sells it for Rs.54000 and gains 20%, find the original cost price of the scooter.

4. A person sells walkmans at Rs.1134 each after giving a discount of 19% on the marked price. Had he not given the discount, he would have earned a profit of 40% on the cost price. The C.P. of each walkman is …..

5. An article is listed at Rs.65. A customer bought this article for Rs.56.16 and got two successive discounts of which one is 10%. Find the other discount of this scheme.

6. A man sold two watches for Rs.3750 each; on one he gained 5% and on the other he lost 20%. Find his gain or loss% in the whole transaction.

7. A sells an article to B at a profit of 10% and B sells it to C at a profit of 20%. Find the resultant profit.

8. Rajesh sells tape recorder to Harish at a loss of 10% and Harish sells it to Karim at a loss of 20%. If Karim pays Rs.1440 for it, at what price did Rajesh buy?

9. A cash payment that will settle a bill for 250 chairs at Rs.50 per chair less 20% and 15% with a further discount of 5% on cash payment is ……

10. A grocer sells rice at a profit of 20% and uses a weight which is 25% less. Find his overall percentage gain.