Top 10 Languages Spoken In the World

Top 10 Languages Spoken In the WorldApproximately 277 million people in many parts of the world use Russian as their primary language. It is one of the six languages in the United Nations and spoken in major parts of erstwhile USSR like Belarus, Kazakhstan but also in few parts of USA. A very high population of 392 million people speaks Spanish language. National language of Spain, it is also spoken in Cuba and USA. Most parts of Central America and South America use Spanish as their main language. Many English words have been borrowed from this language like bonanza, enchilada, tornado, taco grande, patio and quesadilla etc to name a few.

Hindustani as a language is spoken by no less than 497 million people. It is the primary language of India. Hindustani has several dialects of which Hindi is the most commonly spoken language. Hindi could have been the most widely spoken language in the world considering the population explosion in India but English has a strong presence in this ancient country. Total 508 millions people speak English as their main language. Official language of numerous countries it is spoken in almost every part of the world. It is official language of more number of countries than any other. Places as far and diverse as England, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Caribbean, Canada, South Africa etc use this language. Finally the number language in the world is what else but Mandarin. National language of china, Mandarin beats English by astonishing 2 is to 1 ratio. More than 1 billion people speak this language.

List wise top 10 languages in the world are;