Aptitude Test-1

Online Aptitude questions

1. A man is 37 yrs old and his two sons are 8 yrs and 3 yrs old. After how many years will he be twice as old as their united age?

2. A group of 7 students with average weight of 66 kg is joined by another 5 students with average of 64 kg. What is the average of the total group?

3. A balance shows 900gm for 1kg. Find the profit of trader if he marks his goods up by 20% of CP.

4. A number when divided by 238 leaves a remainder of 79. What will be the remainder when the number is divided by 17?

5. A solid cube is painted black on two of its opposite faces and is cut into 343 equal pieces. How many small pieces have no paint?

6. Equal quantities of a 1:5 and 3:5 milk to water solutions are mixed together. What will be the ratio of milk to water in the new mixture?

7. A man travels 20 km on foot at 5 kmph and another 10 km by bus at 20 kmph. What is his average speed?

8. At what rate of compound interest Rs. 15320 becomes Rs. 30640 in 6 years?

9. The average of four consecutive numbers is 27. The largest of the numbers is

10. In a row of 21 girls, when M was shifted by four places towards right she became 12th from the left end. What was her earlier position from the right end?