Banking Quiz 7

1. India and sri lanka signed MoU to develop the ____________ port in July 2011

2. What is the electric rickshaw designed by council for scientific and industrial research named

3. what proportion of seats in panchayats are reserved for women candidates?

4. Cyber-securing organization CERTĀ refers to which of the following?

5. Tim cook was appointed as the new CEO of which well- known US Company recently?

6. Indian and Bangladesh inauguratedĀ a border haat at kalaichar , west garo hill district in ____________ in July 2011

7. Indian mining companies have bid for a stake in haji gak_____________ or mines in Afghanistan

8. what was the insurance penetration (percentage of insurance premium to gross domestic products) in India in 2009 according to figures released by the finance ministry in august 2011?

9. what is the government scheme for preventation of trafficking and rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation named?

10. the proposed india international bank (MALAYSIA) is a joint venture between bank of barida, indian overseas bank and ____________________