PERCENTAGES 1Percentages test 1

1. The population of a town increases at a rate of 10% for every year. If the present population is 12100, find the population two years ago

2. In an examination, a student secures 40% and fails by 10 marks. If he scored 50%, he would pass by 15 marks. Find the minimum marks required to pass the exam

3. If 10lt solution of water and alcohol containing 10% alcohol is to be made 20% alcohol solution, find the volume of alcohol to be added

4. A person spends 20% of his income on rent, 20% of the rest on food, 10% of the remaining on clothes and 10% on groceries. If he is left with Rs. 9520/- find his income

5. From a 20lt solution of alt and water with 20% salt, 2lt of water is evaporated. Find the new % concentration of salt

6. If A is 20% taller than B, by what percent is B shorter than A?

7. A is twice B and B is 200% more than C. By what percent is A more than C?

8. A shopkeeper offers three successive discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% to a customer. If the actual price of the item is Rs. 10000, find the price the customer has to pay to the shopkeeper.

9. In a list of weights of candidates appearing for police selections, the weight of A is marked as 58 kg instead of 46.4 kg. Find the percentage of correction required

10. A reduction of 10% in price of sugar enables a housewife to buy 5 kg more for Rs. 300/-. Find the reduced price per kg of sugar