Profit and Loss Test 3 Profit and Loss Test 3

1. A man bought oranges at the rate of 6 for Rs.20 and sold them at 4 for Rs.16. Find his estimated profit%.

2. A shopkeeper loses 7% by selling an item for Rs.31. For how much should he sell the ball so as to gain 5%?

3. Sujan buys a binocular for Rs.1800 and sells it at 10% loss. Find its S.P.

4. Mr.Sharma bought 200 dozen mangoes at Rs.10 per dozen. He spent Rs.500 on transportation. He sold them at Rs.1 each. Find the profit or loss%.

5. Kumar purchased an article for Rs.5200 and spent Rs.800 on its repair. He had to sell it for Rs.5500. Find his profit or loss percentage.

6. A shopkeeper sold some articles at Rs.35 per article and gained 40% on it. What would be the S.P. of each article if he wants to gain 60% profit?

7. Ravi purchased 120 rims of paper at Rs.80 per rim. He spent Rs.280 on transportation, paid tax at the rate of 40 paise per rim and also paid Rs.72 to the workers. He wants to gain 8% then find the S.P. per rim.

8. Mr.Shekar sold his bike for Rs.10500 at a profit of 5%. Find the C.P. of the bike.

9. A tooth paste marked Rs.80 is sold for Rs.68. Find the rate of discount.

10. Raju buys a watch for Rs.350 and sells it for Rs.392. Find his profit percentage.