Rocks Minerals and Soils CBSE Class 5

Rocks Minerals and Soils

How are metamorphic rocks formed ?

Metamorphic Rocks are formed due to physical and chemical changes in igneous, sedimentary, or older metamorphic rocks themselves due to heat and pressure .

How are Sedimentary Rocks Formed?

Sedimentary Rocks are mostly formed from the materials brought down by the streams forming into rivers and eventually flowing into the sea. small plants and animals that drift along with water also get buried.

why does pumice float on water?

pimice has gas trapped in it , making it light and porous. therefore , it floats on water.

What are metamorphic rocks?

Rocks formed from igneous or sedimentary rocks that have undergone changes in their physical and chemical composition, due to heat and pressure are called metamorphic rocks. Example – Slate , Marble

Explain formation of Igneous Rocks?

Igneous rocks are formed by the solidification of molten rock material. The hot magma that comes out from deep inside the earth cools down to form rocks.

Why should we use petroleum and coal Judiciously ?

We should use petroleum and coal judiciously because they take millions of years to be formed and cause pollution on being burnt.

List 3 uses of Rocks?

Rocks such as marble , sandstone and slate are used for making buildings.

Minerals such as sulphate and phosphates are useful as plant Nutrients.

Metals such as gold, platinum, silver etc are useful for making Jewellery, Coins, Wires and so on.

Precious stones such as Diamonds, rubies and emeralds are also found as rocks. They are used in making in making ornaments.

List the ways to conserve Soil ?

Soil can be conserved by Afforestation, Terrace farming, Building bunds and embankments.

What is Terrace Farming?

Terrace farming is done by building terraces or furrows on hill slopes to slow down the speed of flowing water and conserve soil.

Q) Why should farmers not leave the farmland barren after the crops have been harvested?

Ans:- Leaving the farm land barren may cause erosion of the topsoil. thus farmers should not leave the farmland even after the crops have been harvested.

Q) Name the rock that can be used as a body scrubber ?

Ans: Pumice.