Seven Wonders of the World

Seven Wonders of the WorldSeven Wonders of the World was decided by millions of people across the globe. Internet was the medium through which people voted the list of their top seven preferences as wonders of the world. The list is actually the New Seven Wonders of The World. The earlier list was totally modified in the new list. An astonishing number of more than 100 million people voted in this poll. This is also considered as the first ever global poll.

7 July 2007 was the date when list of final wonders was announced. The announcement took place in Lisbon (Portugal). Interestingly, the original seven wonders were continued in their respective positions for more than 2000 years ago. Many people also why the number is limited to seven? The answer is because an average person can remember at most seven things at one time.

From Indian point of view, finding The Taj Mahal in the top seven lists was a great matter of joy and pride. Taj Mahal was always considered as international wonder because of its looks and design. It symbolizes love and richness of Indian culture. Finding Taj in the list is indeed, a matter of great happiness and pride for all the Indians.

The final list reads as:-

The Great Wall, China
Petra, Jordan
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Machu Picchu, Peru
Chichén Itzá, Mexico
The Roman Colosseum, Italy
The Taj Mahal, India