The World of General Knowledge

General knowledge refers to building knowledge base about the world. To some, it’s a complete fun whereas for others, general knowledge or GK is not that important. Here, we feel, GK plays a major part in any person’s all round development. Ever heard of frog in the wall? That’s how a man becomes when he is not aware of the events going on in the world. GK is not about memorizing details of various events of history. GK is about exploring the world, knowing in detail, thinking over events and marveling over amazing facts.

Talk about economic recession and most of you must have heard of the great depression. But when exactly great depression took place? Love music and movies? Ever wondered when did DVD or laptop or FM start? Who invented them? Let’s hop onto the general knowledge ride and amaze yourself as well as others with your GK.

Today we live in a world where communication and information is the most important thing. Whatever one wants to know, it’s available on few clicks. This blog will aim to focus light on numerous facts associated with India and world in general. Imagine someone asking you about Gupta Empire and you would be wondering how many Indians know about several rulers and kingdoms of ancient and medieval era.

Most of the people surf internet, check mails, downloads movies but have you wondered who invented computer and who first thought of internet? Where did it start?